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Second impressions of Calligra Author 2.8.1 (and the beginning of a short story)


I know I said the next post would be about the book, but I’d like to add a little to the previous entry. The Children of the Ice back cover copy will be posted in a couple of days.

I had an idea for another short story, so I fired up Calligra Author to get the beginning down on virtual paper before I forgot it. After a couple of paragraphs, I noticed something peculiar: I couldn’t type two consecutive spaces at the end of a sentence. Actually, I could if I backspaced to before the first space and typed the second. I tried starting the beginning of the next sentence, then going back to just before the first word of the sentence and typing a space. The first letter of the next sentence didn’t move. If I backed up to just after the previous period and typed a space, the next sentence moved one space. I could keep typing spaces and moving the sentence along, as long as I was not trying to enter the space immediately before the letter that started the sentence. The same is true immediately before any word. I was able to type a space inside a word, but I couldn’t move the dangling part of the word along unless I backed up a space. Most peculiar! Every other word processor (or even text editor like this one) I’ve ever used has let me type the customary two spaces between sentences.

I’m going to continue to use Calligra Author to finish writing the story, mostly to see what other peculiarities pop up, but as of now, Calligra Author (and Calligra Words, the more complete general-purpose word-processing component of the suite) are not going to be my first choices for writing.

Speaking of the story, it will probably be a while before it’s finished, but I like the way it’s coming along, so I’m going to post the beginning in the My Stories page.  It’s called (tentatively) “The Hall”.

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