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A first stab at the back-cover (paperback) or front-inside-flap (hardback) for Children of the Ice


The back-cover copy entices the prospective reader to read at least the first few pages of the book, and those pages get the reader to buy the book.  It’s a tease, exposing just enough without revealing all the goods.  Here’s a first shot at it.


A century after a collision with an asteroid created a global ice age, life has returned to a semblance of normal. A few things are not the old “normal”: Agriculture is only possible in large greenhouses, electrical power has to be produced without fossil fuels or running water, and exposure to the environment for more than a couple of minutes without a powered environmental suit guarantees death by freezing.
Sam Johnson, an engineer for the power company, is morbidly afraid of freezing to death, yet his job requires that he spend time outside, building or maintaining huge thermoelectric arrays in areas with active geothermal vents. While on one project, his world suddenly changes.
Sam finds himself in a warm, apparently pre-asteroid world with a hot sun, running water, crops that grow in the open, and a society that will do anything, including murder, to keep its existence secret and free of outsiders.
Sam and another outsider, Ellie, plan to escape near-certain death in what had at first appeared to be a Paradise. But with no idea of how to leave and nothing to protect them from the frigid outside world and whatever else might await them there, their chances of survival grow increasingly dim with every move they make.

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