Craig Lambert, author and FLOSS advocate

Doing it all with open-source software

About this site and me

face1I’m Craig Lambert, engineer, aspiring author, open-source software advocate, and now, blogger.  By day (and some evenings and more weekends than are good for me) I design analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits.  Whenever I find a little time, I revise my science-fiction book, tentatively titled Children of the Ice, and work on  my new sci-fi project, currently untitled.  I do it all (mostly all, anyway) with open-source software.

I’ve been using Linux almost exclusively since the summer of 2000.  I dabbled with it in the early nineties, but it didn’t have the software I needed and I didn’t have the time or coding skills to help create them.  Now I can find almost everything I need in the repositories of my current distribution (Mint, with the KDE desktop).  If none of this makes sense to you now, check back.  I’ll be blogging about progress on my books and about the FLOSS (Free, Libre, and Open-Source Software) I use in my writing, engineering, and personal lives.

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