Craig Lambert, author and FLOSS advocate

Doing it all with open-source software

April 1, 2016
by Craig Lambert

Mind-mapping software: ViewYourMind (VYM)

Children of the Ice began as a half-dozen or so loosely-related images. My memory being what it is (where was I going with this?) I realized I needed a way to avoid losing ideas even before I committed to compiling … Continue reading

October 29, 2015
by Craig Lambert

Why do I use FLOSS?

Besides having been told by my dentist that it’s good for me, Free, Libre, and Open-Source Software offers everything that I (and most people, I’m sure) need to do the things they need to do with a computer. We should … Continue reading

October 24, 2015
by Craig Lambert

And so it begins…

I’ve resisted using social media for as long as it’s been around.  Yes, I have a Linked-in account because it’s useful in my career in the unpredictable semiconductor industry.  I respond to it when someone I know contacts me through … Continue reading

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